Vegan Crunch •• A 8,90
hash browned potatoes, seitan, humus, bean puree, pumpkin

Hangover Special A C G 8,90
Ham and Eggs,
Grilled tomatoes, sausage, roast potatoes,
croissant with butter and homemade jam

Deli Special A C G L N H    8,90
Fried eggs with „Ras El Hanout“, hummus with olives,
grilled vegetables with white bread
yogurt with figs, walnuts and honey

Marks Fit Special A C G M H O  7,90
Soft-boiled egg, walnut bread,
cottage cheese, cucumber-carrot-salad,
yogurt with muesli and seasonal fruits

Nordic special A C D G M O  9,70
Smoked salmon, poached egg with salmon caviar and rucola,
avocado creme, cream cheese and multi-grain bagel 

coffee or tea with the specials (1,2,3 or more..) F G   each 2,90
chilled coffee (iced cappuccino, cold steamed milk, sugar syrup) F G   each 3,40
freshly squeezed orange juice with the specials   each 3,40
hot chocolate with the specials F G E    each 3,20
hot almond flavoured chocolate with the specials F G E   each 3,50
green smoothie 0,25l with the specials  each 3,50
Boiled egg with bread  A C G   3,30
Ham and Eggs +slice of homemade breadC M   5,70
Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and pepper+slice of homemade bread  C G  5,70

Greek muesli with seasonal fruits A G H O     3,90
Croissant A G    1,90
Homemade bread  A   1,90
Homemade jam from seasonal fruits  1,50
Portion of ham   2,90
Portion of cheese (Edamer)G    2,70
Portion of butter  0,60
Our eggs are bio-free-ranges eggs from Austria.


Couscous-falafel-bowl •• AFMN  8,90
with spinach, sesame humus, French apple and vegan aioli

+greek feta • G  10,90 

Sweet chili chicken salad AN 9,90
with lettuce salad in a mixed herbal dressing, sesame and homemade bread

Thai salad AEFHN   11,90
with seaweed, peapods, mung beans, strawberry, peanuts, herbs
and warm tofu-wantan in sesame dressing

+shrimp D   14,90

Feta in sesame crust • AM   9,90
on salad with grilled figs

Beef Tartar of Waldviertler calf AMNO   13,40

Avocado cubes, green oil and toast

Mixed appetizer for two   16,50
daily different but always bloody well

•• vegan


Vegetablecreamsoup GL • 4,40
a la Mexico with tortilla chips

Main dishes

Panko pancakes •• ALMN 9,90

with pumpkin-seitan-tofu fillet in peanut-butter sauce

Ginger-lemongrass-Curry  •• HLN   11,90
seasonal vegetables, cashews, rice, baby corncobs

+with grilled chicken filet +2,90

Roasted cauliflower-Ras el Hanout-burger •• AGH   13,90
tomatoes, salad, pickles, beet-cole slaw, jalapeños und wedges

Bio-corn-fed chicken out of the oven AGM  16,90
in rosmary jus on mashed potatoes with asparagus in bacon coverand caramelized plum-cranberries

Grilled pike-perch fillet  ADG   15,90
on chanterelles and potatoes "Gröstl" with creamy lime dip

Venison goulash ACGM   14,90
with napkin dumplings and wild cranberries

Potatoes and spinach gnocchi duo •• AHN   12,90
with pesto rosso and pine nuts 

+with feta +2,00

Israeli Hamshuka AH   12,90
Beef-lamb hash, creamy sesame hummus, homemade pita and radish salad

Marks cheeseburger 180 grams ACGMN   13,90
100 % beef, cheddar, bacon, French fries and coleslaw

Wiener Schnitzel of pork AC   13,90
Viennese escalope with parsley potatoes and cranberry jam

Grilled rib-eye-steak 220 Gr. AGLO   25,90
with corncobs in herb butter, med. vegetables and pommes frites 

mixed salad L M, vegetables L O, french fries, wedges, bok choy A   3,30
jasmine fragrant rice,  mushrooms, couscous, kumara puree G


American cheesecake  ACG   4,50
Blueberry sauce

Almond nut cake ••  H   4,40
with mocha cream

Chocolate soufflé • ACG   5,90
butterscotch/ice creme

serving of homemade bread 1,90

serving of butter 0,60



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