Vegan Crunch •• A 8,90
hash browned potatoes, seitan, humus, bean puree, pumpkin

Hangover Special A C G 8,90
Ham and Eggs,
Grilled tomatoes, sausage, roast potatoes,
croissant with butter and homemade jam

Deli Special A C G L N H    8,90
Fried eggs with „Ras El Hanout“, hummus with olives,
grilled vegetables with white bread
yogurt with figs, walnuts and honey

Marks Fit Special A C G M H O  7,90
Soft-boiled egg, walnut bread,
cottage cheese, cucumber-carrot-salad,
yogurt with muesli and seasonal fruits

Nordic special A C D G M O  9,70
Smoked salmon, poached egg with salmon caviar and rucola,
avocado creme, cream cheese and multi-grain bagel 

coffee or tea with the specials (1,2,3 or more..) F G   each 2,90
chilled coffee (iced cappuccino, cold steamed milk, sugar syrup) F G   each 3,40
freshly squeezed orange juice with the specials   each 3,40
hot chocolate with the specials F G E    each 3,20
hot almond flavoured chocolate with the specials F G E   each 3,50
green smoothie 0,25l with the specials  each 3,50
Boiled egg with bread  A C G   3,30
Ham and Eggs C M   4,70
Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and pepper C G  4,90
Greek muesli with seasonal fruits A G H O     3,90
Croissant A G    1,90
Homemade bread  A   1,90
Homemade jam from seasonal fruits  1,50
Portion of ham   2,90
Portion of cheese (Edamer)G    2,70
Portion of butter  0,60
Our eggs are bio-free-ranges eggs from Austria.


Grilled Bio-Shiitake-quinoa •• ABHL  9,90
on spring salad
+prawns 13,90

Crab cake AMN•• 7,90
Aromatic artichokes-cakes with spinach salad and curcuma roulade

Couscous-dates-salad •• ACM. 7,90
with tomato-cucumber-salsa, pomegranates and fresh herbs
in moringa-citrus-dressing
+greek feta •G 9,90 

Sweet chili chicken salad AN 9,90

with lettuce salad in a mixed herbal dressing, sesame
and homemade bread

Beef Tartar of Waldviertler calf A M N O 10,40
Avocado cubes/green oil/toast

Mixed appetizer for two 16,50
daily different but always bloody well

* vegetarian
** vegan


Zucchini-cauliflower-soup AC • 4,70
with grilled halloumi and pink pepper

vegan version?- no problem •• 4,30

Pumpkin cream soup •• F 4,30
with pumpkin seed oil and roasted pumpkin seeds

Main dishes

Pulled pork sandwich ALMN   9,90

with red cabbage salad

Seaweed-glass noodle salad •• AFLN 9,90
with bean-salsa, tofu-Wan Tan-dumplings in sesame dressing

Kashmir Curry  •• FHL 11,70
mit cashews, rice, broccoli-vegetables and chick peas
« with grilled chicken filet +2,90

Daikon radish-sweet potato-burger •• AN 13,90
tomatoes, salad, pickles, beet-cole slaw, jalapeños und wedges

Filet of chicken in buttermilk-tempura AGM 15,90
Spinach-salad, sweet potatoe french fries, avocado-vanilla-creme, honey-mustard

Bio-corn fed chicken out of the oven AGH 16,90
in rosemary-jus on potato puree with a asparagus in
a bacon cover and caramelized plum-cranberries

Chicken adobo  12,80
24h marinated chicken club Philippine style with coconut milk,
also with mango-tomatoe-salsa and fried rice 

Grilled salmon steak AF 16,90
in „green-tea-herbs“ on rigatoni-pasta with dried
tomato-pesto, fresh herbs and micro greens

Israeli Hamshuka A H N 12,90
Beef-lamb hash/creamy sesame hummus/pita/radish salad

Marks cheeseburger 180 grams A C G M N 12,90
100 % beef/cheddar/bacon/french fries/coleslaw

Wiener Schnitzel of pork A C 12,90
Viennese escalope/parsley potatoes/cranberry jam

Grilled rib-eye-steak 220 Gr. A G L O 23,90
Chimichurri (fresh minced spices, mint, coriander, chili pods, lime juice, olive oil)
with 2 side dishes for you to choose

mixed salad L M, vegetables L O, french fries, wedges, bok choy A   3,30
jasmine fragrant rice,  mushrooms, couscous, kumara puree G


American cheesecake * A C G 4,50
Blueberry sauce

Banana ’’Bread’’ ••   4,40
with cinnamon, mango and homemade coconut-yoghurt A

Chocolate soufflé * A C G
butterscotch/ice creme 5,90

serving of homemade bread 1,90

serving of butter 0,60

* vegetarian

** vegan

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